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ODONATA - Toronto based band that fuses operatic vocals with rock and electronica


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Important Dates

The chronology of Odonata from then til now...

December 2003 - Ren  and Anna meet performing in Mozart's The Impressario

April 2003 - Ren responds to Don's Ad on

May 2003 - Ren meets Don and Gary at the studio and records He Touched My Soul

May 2003 - Ren brings Anna to studio to meet the band

May 2003 - Anna comes on board and the band starts working on the single.

August 2003 - Promo photos taken by Nomi Hiltz

September 2003 - Jozef Pilasanovic, our insanely talented guitarist joins the band

September 2003 - Band agrees on name Odonata

October 2003 - Single completed includes, He Touched My Soul,  Spirit, Pacis and Snapshot

November 2003 - Recording is mastered and 500 copies produced for distribution.

November 2003 - Odonata starts shopping for management and record label interest with the sights set on Nettwerk Records

January 2004 - Great feedback from radio stations in North America and overseas.

January 23, 2004 - Anna Bateman and Ren Kennedy featured on CKCU radio, Ottawa



We've just started shopping our demo to management companies and record labels. We'll keep you posted!! Send your good energy our way :)