Sometimes, in this world, we lose our voice....
Losing our voice can be struggling to express yourself in a language you don't fully understand or being misunderstood as your listener struggles to understand your pronuniciation.  Perhaps you speak too quickly, or quietly or without colour or intent.
Actors sometimes lose their voice as they make choices that are too safe and don't take them to that place where everything is permissible and there is great freedom to just express oneself, for fear of ridicule or being too much or too little.
Singers sometimes lose their voice literally because they don't understand the musculature or physiognomy of their instrument and they strain against the breath instead of letting it carry them.  Or singers lose their voice as they make choices that compromise their artistic integrity or vision to appeal to the masses.
Some had their voice in the past, but over the years have lost their confidence when it comes to sharing an opinion or a philosophy, and I don't know many people who relish the idea of giving a speech in front of a crowd.
We lose our voice when we forget who we are, why we're here...we forget to breathe and no sound comes out... and we are silenced.
I can help you find your voice again ....send me an email and we'll discuss how.