One of the most common challenges in the singing world is nerves.   Aside from being well-prepared for any auditions or performances you take part in you must learn to relax and this comes through the breath. 


 It is impossible to conciously breathe and remain in your anxious fear-ridden state.


So we begin with breath and relaxation because if you can breathe and stay relaxed, you are on your way to singing with confidence and joy. The singer is, after all, a wind instrument and connecting "wind" or "air" we call breath to sound, is the foundation for all singing in any style, from baby beginner to lifelong professional.


We then create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and experience, incorporating elements of yoga and various styles of singing to find the technique that is tailored to your specific needs as a singer. As we work online you will need a decent webcam and a good mic so I can hear you clearly is going to benefit you greatly.


We then open you  to all styles of singing and vocalization, including meditative vocalizing, incorporating vocalizing during movement for dancers, or vocalizing during workouts, particularly stretching, for athletes. Singing is a discipline which opens ourselves up to our higher selves and allows us to tap into the energy and joy within.  You will benefit from singing, whether your goal is to be a singer or not.  Singing is the foundation for a life of freedom of expression and joy.  This makes you a better teacher, mother, father, husband, wife, friend, employee, human being.


We provide a  path to discover your unique sound, not a manufactured pop sound or a mimcry of another artist but the completely organic sound of each person...your voice.  We don't fall back on the idea that you sound like someone else, we forge through to find the distinct unique wonderfully individual you, and present that voice to the world.


We then work to find  repertoire that best shows off this unique sound and search together to find opportunities for you to test your wings, your new sound, your style, your stage presence, your voice.  Whether it's night of Karaoke or an audtion for the Metropolitan Opera, or something in between we give you every tool and technique to get you there.


We work on helping you to let it go.... All the technique and mastery in the world is not going to make you a great compelling artist.  The artist is the one who does the scales, mixes the colours just so, understands about projection and elocution, defines his or her substitutions in a scene and then trusts in the magic of the moment and lives and breathes and reacts in that wonderful now moment.  An artist trusts the work they've done and then allows themselves to free fall, and trusts...and in that moment discoveres the pure joy of being fully present, fully aware, fully prepared and able to enjoy that terrifying, exhilirating moment.

I can get you there....send me an email and we'll discuss how...