Have you ever said or thought the following?


"I can't talk to people at parties because my English is too formal.  I need to know how to make small talk."


"Hello my name is.... is all I know how to say....and I don't speak English.  I need to start at the beginning."


"I've studied English in my country and I understand grammar and the rules but I have no opportunity to practice."


"I am missing opportunities because my accent is too thick and people cannot understand what I'm saying."


"I think I'm pronouncing words correctly but sometimes I'm not sure - I want to work on pronunciation."


"I'm going to University next year and I need to work on my writing skills.  My speaking and reading skills are fine."


"I go out with my friends but I want to understand the slang - I try it and they just laugh."


"I got a role in a movie but I don't understand why my character says these specific words and I need to."


"I'm singing this song in English but I don't really understand what it's about - it's all pictures and imagery."



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