The following studio policies have been introduced in order to establish and maintain respectful interraction between student and teacher.  If you take issue with any of the following, please let me know.
All lessons will be paid for on an honour basis.  If this privelege is abused you will be dismissed immediately.
Students will discuss with Ren how they wish to pay for lessons, either through a paypal account or by direct deposit into a specific Renzworld online account.
Students will arrive on time and will be charged from the beginning of their lesson time for the extent of the lesson or coaching and missed time due to lateness will not be made up.  Of course emergencies are exceptions.
Students cancelling lessons with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for that lesson or coaching. Of course emegencies including illness are exceptions.
Students are expected to practise a minimum of three times per week for twenty minutes per session, or acting students to work on their scenes/monologues.   Students who are not investing time into their craft may be asked to leave.
At times students may receive additional minutes with no charge, but this is soley up to the teacher and must not be an ongoing expectation.